Doolhof Wine Estate


A friend took us here on the back dirt roads from their farm so it’s doubtful whether I will be able to find my way back to this lovely Wellington estate.  A beautiful farm and guesthouse at the end of a dirt road, very tranquil.  The tasting room is the old wagon house with high ceilings, white walls and lots of natural light.  We sat at a table outside for the tasting.  While there isn’t a view, it is a lovely terrace shaded by the vines on the wooden beams above you and the garden trees.
You select your five wines to taste and are then brought a tray with your name on and each of your chosen wines in the order which they should be tasted.  You can then take your time going through the tasting, enjoying the company of good friends.

My wine notes…
Those with fewer notes were tasted off friends’ trays and more than one sip would’ve been frowned upon, hence the limited notes.

SIGNATURE CHARDONNAY 2008 (Barrel fermented)
A lovely caramel, vanilla flavour.  4* John Platter.

I thought it to be a little sweeter than your usual Sauv B.

A cinnamon woody, dried herb kind of a smell, with a hint of red berry fruitiness.  A dry taste with a full finish.  I thought it was a lovely dry RED, more sophisticated, not too fruity.

I thought this wine smelt more like geranium than the usual coffee smell of a pinotage.  It had a lovely smoky fruity flavour, quite enjoyable for a pinotage.

This is not an “easy drinking” wine, it is much more impressive than that.  A good strong serious wine.  A great blend of black cherry flavours and a dry finish.

A definite Turkish delight nose and perhaps a little in the taste.  A thought it was quite a sweet wine, your floral, berry flavours.  Not my first choice.

RENAISSANCE 2007 (50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon)
I thought it smelt a bit like a hard white cheese, perhaps emmental?!, with a similar sort of after taste.  I agree with the herbal spice nose and palate noted, a sort of herbal, floral almost fynbos smell and taste.  A very smooth fruity wine (the merlot coming through) with a sharp finish (from the Cab Sauv), great spice at the end.  A VERY good blend and well priced. 4* John Platter.

You can definitely smell the dark cherries, with a slight hint of liquorice I thought.  The wine has quite a dark rich taste, full bodied.  This wine would be perfect with a good steak or even better, next to a fireplace with a slab of dark chocolate.  It has that full, warm feel to it – delicious! 4* John Platter.


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