Hamilton Russel Vineyards


On a weekend away in Sandbaai we decided to do some tastings in the Hemel en Aarde Valley.  A beautiful valley with winding roads and spectacular views all the way down to the ocean.  There are some fantastic wines in this area, with the sea breeze influence and the mountainous terrain.  There are about 10-15 different wine farms and it is a very pleasant, leisurely drive through this valley.  Best of all you can end your day with a drink and some dinner overlooking the ocean in Hermanus.

Hamilton Russel was the first stop on this particular trip.  A beautiful farm, with tastings on the little brick veranda over looking a small dam and up into the trees.  There are only two wines available for tasting at this farm and they are very much boutique wines, the tasting being complimentary.  Very picturesque.

My wine notes below…

This wine has spent time in both oak and clay (something different).  It has quite a buttery, slightly sour taste.  A very nice wine, but a bit overpriced I thought.

Very light in colour as expected with a Pinot Noir.  A very nice Pinot Noir though, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.  A light and toasty RED wine, which will be even better with age.  Very nice, but also quite pricey.


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