Jordan Wine Estate


We found this farm while we were still students, looking for the smaller lesser known wine farms, it was quietly hidden at the end of a long dirt road.  We all absolutely loved it, from the “chameleon crossings” to the beautiful setting and delicious wine, we were the only group there and so had the tasting room all to ourselves.  It was great!
Their entry level wine range is the the CHAMELEON range which comes from the large amount of Cape dwarf chameleons that inhabit their property and a percentage of the proceeds of this range go towards a Chameleon Research Group.
The owner Kathy Jordan has also now launched the WOMEN IN WINE initiative, which aims to sponsor and mentor women in the wine industry thereby hoping to encourage more women to enter this fascinating industry.
With all of the above, you really get that warm family sense when you visit this farm.

I have been back a few times recently with friends and family due to them requesting a stop here now that the Jordan name has become more well known with their award winning wines.  It now boasts one of the top ten restaurants in the country and yet still maintains it’s small farm ambiance, with a beautiful lawn, dam and view.  We have tasted wine both outside on the terrace and inside on the couches and around the bar counter.
While the tasting experience is not unlike any other farm, their flagship wines are definitely worth the trip!

My tasting notes below…

This Rose is a blend of Shiraz (24%) and Merlot (76%) and therefore is not as sweet as your ordinary Rose.  You can smell the hints of spice from the Shiraz on the nose.  A very enjoyable dry fruity Rose.

This wine has your typical grass smells, but also a bit more fruity almost like a pink lady apple smell.  Also in the taste, is it more fruity like apples and the green figs noted in the winery notes, than the usual lemongrass sort of effect.  This could be due to the fact that it has not spent anytime in the barrel.  It is a very nice, fruity WHITE.

Having spent time in oak, you can definitely get the toastiness on the nose, almost that cedar wood, Chardonnay smell.  This wine is smoother than the above Sav B, but also less fruity, more the rounded gooseberry and vanilla flavours coming through.  I’m undecided about this one.

I also got a hint of the butter popcorn, Chardonnay smell on this wine from the barrels I think.  Having said that it was more crisp than the Outlier above, with a hint of litchis, I thought, on the nose.  A little sour as expected in a Chenin, but still fruity with the honey flavours mentioned in the winery notes.  A very nice Chenin, although perhaps not as smooth as some of our other favourite Chenins.

Now this wine smells like apples, tart and sweet granny smith apples, with a little earthiness thrown in there.  It almost tastes like apple juice too with a definite lemon-lime flavour as mentioned in the winery notes.  It is a lovely smooth wine, although after the Chenin above it is less intense, a bit watery in comparison.  A delicious Riesling nonetheless, maybe don’t try it straight after the Chenin.

I LOVE this Chardonnay!  Unfortunately those who aren’t Chardonnay fans still struggle to appreciate this gem, and some of those with me did not like it very much.  I understand that Chardonnays are hard to like with their strong oak flavours, but this one is just so smooth.  It has a buttery oak nose from the French oak.  The fruit flavours are more of a citrus nature combined with caramel, a definite butterscotch flavour, and a hint of cloves (again from the oak).  I also agree with the peach and melon finish mentioned in the winery notes.  If you enjoy Chardonnays you must find one of these bottles!
A favourite Chard.

This wine has a lovely fruity, vanilla nose and a rich full taste.  The winery notes have the most delightful and accurate description – “Framed by generously rounded tannins and spiciness from maturation in French Oak, this wine is seductive from start to finish”.  I actually preferred it to the Syrah below, which is not my usual stance. 

I thought this wine had a peppery berry slightly dry tree bark smell which would agree with the black fruited, white pepper and fynbos winery notes.  It has a full bodied toasty flavour, with a slight vanilla finish, it is definitely more on the earthy, metallic side of tastes with a dry finish.  A good Syrah, but I prefer the Merlot above at this farm.

I know green pepper is usually associated with a Sav B, but this wine to me actually has a peppery nose not unlike that of green pepper.  A lovely combination of berries and spice, a fruity flavour like dark cherries and definite hints of dark chocolate.  An excellent blend of  Cab Sauv, Merlot and Cab Franc this is a full bodied RED with a number of awards and a 4* John Platter rating.  This wine is delicious!
A Favourite RED.


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