Wine with dinner – Groot Eiland

I have an array of cookbooks at home and decided I should start putting some of them to use.  So I started with Jamie’s 30 minute meals and whipped up the Beef Hash, Baked Potatoes, Butter beans & Bacon and goddess salad.  All of which I am glad to say come out pretty darn well, with not too much effort and not much longer than 30 minutes – delicious wholesome food!!
Because the evening marked a special occasion we opened a bottle of RED to celebrate and compliment our delicious dinner.

My wine notes below…

WINE:  Groot Eiland
PRICE:  This bottle we received as a gift
REGION & COUNTRY:  Breedekloof, South Africa
GRAPE VARIETY:  Cabernet Sauvignon
RECOMMENDED BY:   My other half received this wine as a gift at a rugby tournament
PLACE TASTED:  At Home.  Having a quiet celebration.

APPEARANCE:  Dark red, almost dark purple colour
NOSE: Earthy, with a limited dark berry smell.  Quite a tart smell that tingles the nose.
TASTE:  Definitely medium bodied.  Quite earthy, slightly wooded and a good mix of dark fruit flavours.  Definitely warms the throat on a cold night.
FINISH:  Very smooth.  A dry finish, but somehow fruity as well.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: An above average Cab Sauv, very very nice!  Very nice balance of fruit and tannins.   Lovely wine, we’ll have to look out for other wines from this farm.


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