Newton Johnson


This farm was the last stop  (3rd) on our little valley wine tour.  Unsurprisingly we saw some familiar faces from the previous farms, and yes the noise levels were higher.  This farm has a more modern tasting room, almost like an outdoor bar and balcony overlooking the valley and down towards the ocean.  Huge glass windows allow you to look into the cellar with the steel tanks and some very cool artwork lines the walls.  There is also a relaxed Brassiere style restaurant called Heaven adjacent to the tasting room.  The tasting room was quite busy and social, not really lending itself to discussions or details on the wine, rather just the tasting and enjoying of it.  A great atmosphere, stunning views and perfect weather.  A great end to a great day in the Hemel & Aarde winelands before heading to the Hermanus harbour for some fresh calamari and chips – yum!

My tasting notes below…

As mentioned above, the conditions were not exactly condusive to taking notes and too avoid being rude on my phone, my notes again are short and to the point.

This wine smells like grape juice.  Delicious tasting!  4* in the John Platter guide.

This wine has much more of a caramel flavour, I don’t think I would have more than one glass as it is quite rich.  It is still very good though.

Very light in colour, the nose on this wine reminded me of a hairdresser, the shampoo and ammonia blend of smells.  It does have 5* from John Platter.  I found it to be the typical watery flavour I associate with Pinot Noirs, having said that it does have a subtle spicy berry flavour in the somewhere.  It reminds me of a less sugary, sweet rose.  I suppose it would classify as a light RED wine, in which case it was quite enjoyable.  (I’m still not sold on the Pinot Noirs – can you tell?)


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