Wine with dinner – Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc


We had a few “Cupcake & Cocktail” evenings which were just an excuse for the girls to get together.  Having said this we actually managed to make some pretty impressive cocktails and as you can see, all kinds of creative talent came out in the cupcake decorating!

This wine was brought by one of the girls thinking the name was spot on, but we didn’t actually get around to pairing it with one of the cupcakes it was rather enjoyed on another night of girls watching “So you think you can dance”

My wine notes…

WINE:  Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc
VINTAGE:  2011
PRODUCER:  Cupcake Vineyards, California, USA
REGION & COUNTRY: Marlborough Valley, New Zealand
GRAPE VARIETY:  Sauvignon Blanc
PLACE TASTED:  A friend’s house while watching So you think you can Dance with the girls.

APPEARANCE:  A fresh yellow hue, enhanced somewhat by the yellow border on the label.
NOSE:  Fruity, like citrus fruits, your oranges and lemons.
TASTE:  Very crisp and almost creamy, like a lemon chiffon cake.  It would go excellently with a victoria sponge. 
FINISH:  A lovely smooth finish, not tart at all, quite light actually.
OVERALL IMPRESSION: A delicious, excellent Sauvignon Blanc.
OVERALL VALUE:  4 out of 5

Perhaps a lemon chiffon cupcake or a victoria sponge with peaches would go well with this Sav Blanc. 

See one of my previous posts for more information about Cupcake Vineyards – Wine with dinner Cupcake Red Velvet.


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