Jordan Wine Estate – Winter Charity Drive

Jordan wine estate is once again doing their winter charity drive, but you need to move quick because the wine runs out!!  And of course it is for a great cause.  I love it when a farm chooses to actively get involved in the community.



A bag of old clothes (no underwear or holey stuff!!) will get you a few bottles of wine.
We took a decent sized bag of clothes we no longer wear and for our donation we received a box with 6 bottles of Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 2007.  What a fantastic deal.
We have so enjoyed the wine, we’re trying to find more clothes to donate as our stash is already half gone.


I’m sure there will be another wine with dinner post about this bottle, but it is a fantastic RED.
You can immediately smell the age in earthy aromas you get your glass.  There is quite a lot of sediment in the wine, probably due to the ageing.  But you can definitely tell from the get go that it’s a great wine.  Smoothed with age, sophisticated in your typical spicy Cab Sav flavours and soft hints of dark berries.  We have enjoyed it with a delicious leg of lamb as well as a Sunday night family braai.

Thank you Jordan!!  An awesome wine estate.

GPS: S33° 56′ 33.7”  E 018° 44′ 41.3”
Stellenbosch Kloof Road
Tel: +27 21 881 3441


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