Tulbagh Valley

What a beautiful weekend in the Mother City we just had… it seems Summer is finally here!

And with the Sharks taking home the Currie Cup, all is now well with rugby.  While we did get tickets offered to us for the game, we had already committed to a big family gathering / multiple birthday, Lamb-on-the-spit occasion in TULBAGH.  But there was still a big screen and a lot of rugby noise and festivity.

The Tulbagh valley produces excellent red and white wines as well as olive oil, peaches, pears and grains.  The valley is surrounded by mountains, with the Obiqua Mountains to the West, Winterhoek in the North and Witzenberg to the East.  The Southern slopes are open to the cool Summer South Eastly winds that blow through.  With such diverse conditions and terrior, the valley is a perfect place for winemakers to create diverse and distinctive wines. 

Drostdy Hof is one of the well known easy drinking wine labels of the valley with their winemaker’s collection as well their range of light wines.  Krone (Twee Jonge Gezellen), was one of the first estates to introduce night harvesting in South Africa, which is now widely employed across the wine regions.  They are also very well known for their delicious MCCs.  Rijk’s Private Cellar is the most awarded Pinotage producer over the last 10 years.  Theuniskraal Riesling is another well known South African wine from the valley.  
Just a few reasons why Tulbagh is recognised as a great wine producing valley.

We enjoyed some of Tulbagh Winery’s easy drinking COLOMBARD / CHENIN BLANC which is a perfect fruity white on a warm summer’s day!  Never mind the red meat lunch.

Have you been to Tulbagh lately?  Which are your favourite wineries from the Valley?



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