Wine with dinner – Brampton & Rickety Bridge


It was supposed to be a progressive dinner – drinks and a starter, move on to the next place for mains and a final stop for dessert.  It didn’t quite work out as planned, but it was an awesome evening anyway!

We started the evening at Brampton Wine Studio in Stellenbosch.  Brampton in fact do not have their own farm or vineyards, the brand was bought from Rustenberg a few years back and the wines are apparently now made by Boschendal Wine Estate.  
The wine studio in Stellenbosch serves as it’s tasting room.  A unique concept and brilliant idea.  The studio is bright and fun with chalk on the tables encouraging a bit of artwork after a glass or two and has a great atmosphere – we were there on a random Tuesday evening and it was packed!  I booked a table (some poor guys had to move… but they knew it was reserved), but even if it’s full there are a few bars or even just standing and being a part of the buzz is good enough.  Last rounds are at about 7:30, but they stay open until about 8:30 – A great spot for a pre-dinner drink.  I had a glass of BUBBLY which was DELICIOUS!!  Lightly pink in colour and soft as anything…. mmmm!  We got a bottle of the BRAMPTON SAUVIGNON BLANC which was really good, sweeter passion fruit and pineapple flavours, but lovely.
The garlic fries – our “starter” – were scrumptious!

Dinner was at Cafe des Arts in Franschhoek, a small unassuming homely restaurant just off the Main Road.  We chose the RICKETY BRIDGE SAUVIGNON BLANC thinking it would go well with the fish dish.  We opted for the Rickety over the other options because it was a reserve.  Unfortunately there were no descriptions on the wine menu and we realised within the first sip that it is obviously a wooded Sav B, making it quite a bit heavier than what we were expecting to enjoy with our fish.  Personally I wouldn’t choose it again, it was complimented very well by the fish and the duck dishes, but I wouldn’t drink a glass by itself.  It borders on Chardonnay flavours with the rich wood flavours, if paired well it will be lovely!

The food was amazing!!  The blackboard menu changes all the time, but the kabeljou pasta was the best fish I have ever tasted, melted in your mouth fish with beautiful flavours.  And the duck with the ginger and orange sauce was also fantastic.

Last stop – the Caltex for an ice-cream!

I think I quite like the idea of progressive dinner date nights…

11 Church Street, Stellenbosch
Tel: +27 21 883 9097
7 Reservoir Street, Franschhoek (behind the FNB)
Tel: +27 21 876 2952


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