Middlevlei Wines, Trail Runs and Valentine Movies

How was your weekendOvergaauw Valentine's Picnic?  We had an awesome weekend filled, to the max with Summer-loving activites – outdoor movies, trail runs and pool time.  Even at 39 degrees, I still love Summer!

Friday night we chose to join Overgaauw for their Valentine’s movie – so lovely!  Set up in the manor house garden with blankets, pillows and lamps.  The picnic basket was filled with delicious snacks and the bottle of Overgaauw Sauvignon Blanc went down a treat with its fresh, zesty green apple and fig flavours. 

Up early on Saturday morning we headed to Middlevlei farm in Stellenbosch for the monthly TSIBA Trail Run.  It was ridiculously warm, even at 7:30am so we decided to just do the 6.5km run rather than the double loop of 13km.  I love these trail runs, always on beautiful farms, through vineyards and orchards and up onto top roads and boundary fences where the most spectacular views can be seen.  I Overgaauw Sav Balways say I’m going to take my camera with, but the thought of carrying it with me while I run is not so appealing and then I’ll get shouted at for stopping to take photos rather than just running – ha ha!  Maybe next time.

Middlevlei is a lovely little farm, I got the Natal Midlands feeling when we drove in there.  It is very rustic, with cows grazing in the fields next to the tasting room.  It has your real down to earth, country feel to it.  They even set up the sprinkler on the lawn for people to walk through after the run.  Boerewors and braai broodjies were the breakfast choices available after the run and I’ve heard they have an awesome “Boere Braai” every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There were a few wines available for tasting after the run, while you 20140215_085545relax, cool down and wait for the prize giving.  9am may seem a little early to be tasting wine, but that never seems to keep anyone back.  We tasted the Middlevlei Chardonnay which has rich guava and spice flavours, but was a little tart so early in the morning.  The other glass was the Middlevlei Pinotage/Merlot which was really nice, a great blend, the two varietals balancing each other quite nicely.  I would have liked to taste the Cab Sav and the flagship Momberg wines, but they were not available – next time.

I mentioned prize giving, the TSIBA Trail Runs have awesome lucky draw Middlevlei Tasting Roomprizes every time, sponsored by New Balance.  The race winners get wine, but the rest of us just wait in anticipation for our numbers to be called in the lucky draw.  AND Saturday was my day! I won the last prize for the day – a pair of New Balance running shoes!!  Great way to start of the weekend and well worth getting up for the Trail Run.  Thank you TSIBA and New Balance!

What did you get up to this weekend?

If you want to know more about the TSIBA Trail runs, drop me a mail and I will forward you their details.  All proceeds go to Middlevlei FarmTSIBA Education and details about each race are usually sent out monthly on a mailing list.


 Stellenboschkloof Road, Vlottenberg
Tel: +27 21 881 3815

Flamingo Street, left after Oude Libertas

Latitude:-33.92847  Longitude: 18.83292
Tel: +27 21 883 2565

Middlevlei Farm & Wine

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