Thirsty Scarecrow at Mooiberg Farm

Have you been to the Thirsty Scarecrow?

Thirsty Scarecrow Bar Counter & ViewThirsty Scarecrow Bar

We actually took my mom to the Farmer’s Kitchen (which sort of forms part of the same restaurant) when she was down from Durbs the other day.  The breakfasts were delicious, and it is always lovely to sit outside on a beautiful morning, especially when you can look out over the strawberry patch and up onto the Stellenbosch mountains.
Mooiberg Farmstall, next door, has some great Homemade treats available for purchase as well as an extensive variety of wines.  The scarecrows can be a little scary sometimes, but I guess that is the point right?!  Nevertheless, they are always a treat to see, especially when they are strategically placed in-between the rows of strawberries.

Thirsty Scarecrow itself has one long bar counter which also looks out over the strawberry patch and mountains.  I have heard it can get a bit rowdy later on in the evening when a dance floor emerges from between the tables and benches inside.  But we were just there for an afternoon drink and some tapas.  There was a live band playing at the one end, which always adds such a great vibe.

They have an array of Craft Beers to choose from, both local and imported.  A great wine selection from the surrounding farms.  An interesting ginger beer listed on the craft beer menu and cocktails too.  Off the tapas menu we ordered some of the fish tacos, bitterballens and bacon, cream cheese poppers, which were all simply delicious!  I have always loved the Tapas way of eating, sharing and tasting scrumptious treats together.

It’s a lovely alternative to the usual wine farm visits, or winelands markets if you are looking for something different.  We will certainly be back again!  Great vibe, awesome views and delicious food and drinks.

Corner R44 and Annandale Road, Stellenbosch
Tel: +27 21 881 3444

Thirsty Scarecrow View

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