Mother’s Day and Pinot Noir

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms!  I hope you were ridiculously spoilt and did absolutely nothing but be waited on by your children over the weekend.

We Love MOMMy mom unfortunately lives too far away for spoiling and a Sunday lunch (maybe we’ll get her down next year), but my husband’s family all came over to our place for the day.

Knowing that the meat might take a while in the weber we made a huge cheese board with fresh bread from De Oude Bank Bakkerij to keep everyone going.  I found some quinces at the local farm stall and decided to try my hand at some jam/preserve – it actually came out pretty well if I do say so myself (perhaps a little less sugar next time) and complimented both the brie and manchego cheeses.  The Masons Shiraz we opened wasn’t as fantastic as I was expecting it to be, it was still very good, but the spice flavours were a little hard on the palate.  Perhaps a few more years in the bottle to soften it.  Thank goodness for my beautiful wine decanter because the wine needed a little bit of air.  Still quite enjoyable though, as an easy red around the braai and cheese board.

We threw a few quinces in with the roast pork too for good measure.  That was a learning curve all on its own, trying to get wood braaiing boys to perfect a pork roast on the weber – fun and games!  But it came out superbly, both the pork and the stuffed, rolled chicken were so soft and flavourful.  We added a few Ottolenghi sides and voila! a perfect Sunday family roast for Mother’s Day.

I recently won a bottle of Haute Cabriere 2009 Pinot Noir and we all agreed it would be a perfect pair for the lunchWell, it certainly went down a treat, a great match for the light meat roasts and a fantastic wineLight in colour and deliciously fruity with a dry finish.  Seriously, get your hands on a bottle!  We definitely need to take a drive out to the farm in Franschhoek and see what else they have to offer (I know the Chardonnay/Pinot Noir is delicious!).

Another note on Pinot Noirs…
Those who have read some of my previous posts will know that a Pinot Noir is not usually at the top of my list when choosing wine.  I used to find a lot of Pinot Noirs to be dull in colour and bland in taste, with almost a watered down wine red wine flavour making the earthiness (dirt flavour) overpower. 

I must say though, that the Hemel-en-Aarde valley has started converting me a little.  With average rainfall higher than most of the other South African wine regions and being a little more south with slightly cooler temperatures and sea breezes, the valley is not unlike the Northern wine regions of France.  Perfectly suited for Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays in particular.  The Bouchard Finlayson Galpin Peak Pinot Noir is fantastic, filled with cranberry & mulberry flavours.Haute Cabriere Pinot Noir 2009 
Hamilton Russel Vineyards makes only two wines, the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir, the latter which is deliciously light and toasty. 
Newton Johnson Elgin Pinot Noir is another 5* John Platter from the valley, with subtle berry spice.  And one of my favourite Pinot Noirsin the valley is the Creation Wines Pinot Noir, with stronger fruit and berry flavours and a freshness on the finish which is just lovely.

The Haute Cabriere is also helping to sway my preferences towards this lighter hued red varietal…

So, how was your Mother’s day?
Do you enjoy a good Pinot Noir?  Which ones are your favourites?


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