Peter Falke Wines

We found another little gem this weekend, thanks to friends.  Peter Falke wines is along the Annandale road, opposite the turning to Webersburg – keep an eye out though because we almost missed the quaint, homely entrance.  They are open until 7pm which makes them a superb alternative to the usual after work drinks.  Their stylish yet relaxed atmosphere makes you want to kick back on the cushions, tuck into a cheese board, with a chilled glass of wine and enjoy one of those beautiful Autumn sunshine days.
Peter Falke View

We ordered a bottle of the PF Pinot Noir for those who wanted red at the table (after last week’s delicious Haute Cabriere).  It has cherry fruit flavours and quote a strong earthiness, a bit “dark” if you can describe a wine as such.  Definitely not in the same league as HC (but then again, that HC was a treat!), but still enjoyable as a sunny afternoon wine with friends.  We added a few ice blocks to cool it down and lessen the harsh earth flavours.

The PF Blanc de Noir had such a beautiful soft pink hue we asked for a taster up at the counter, the description says candyfloss and cream which is definitely along the right lines.  It is quite light and dry, not the usual tart sweetness of a Rose, also quite lovely with a few ice blocks to chill it out.

The PF Sauvignon Blanc was the general favourite of the day with lovely citrusy and lemongrass flavours, quite fresh with a tropical pinappleness to it.  We chose to relax on the couches and order a bottle or two of the PF range for the group rather than go through the wine tasting, which means we didn’t taste all the wines, but the ones we did we very enjoyable.  A little above average priced for the PF range (granted they are on the well-known Annadale Road and their setting is beautiful), but still lovely for an afternoon with friends.

I would certainly like to go back and taste the Peter Falke Signature Syrah and Exclusive Blend which looked like they could be quite impressive.

We loved the glassware, even the water jugs look like wine decanters (probably are) and the wine buckets are funky and stylish.  The waitrons were fantastic and we had a really great afternoon relaxing on the couches under the umbrellas looking out upon yet another beautiful Stellenbosch mountain.  Next time I will be taking one of those big cushions to go lounge out on the grass.
While they do not have a restaurant, there are cheese platters available, that look quite delicious.  Great idea for a birthday actually, a few cheese platters, a few bottles of wine and a relaxed afternoon on the grass.

Have you been?  What did you think?
Are there any other farms open after 5pm for a tasting or sundowner?Peter Falke Sunset

Groenvlei Farm, Annandale Road, Stellenbosch
Tel: +27 (0)21 881 3677

34° 0’1.86″S 18°50’21.05″E

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