Blaauwklippen Movie Night

Has anyone been to one of these?Blaauklippen Movie - Sideways

I dragged the hubby along on Friday night, thinking it was one of those big screen, outdoors and under the stars kind of movie nights.  Especially seeing as it is a wine farm and they have a huge open lawn that is usually the home of their Sunday market.  But, of course, I was forgetting about the winter weather that has recently arrived – although we did pack pillows and two blankets to keep us warm on the lawn.

Nevertheless, it turns out the movie nights are actually in the wine centre.  It’s quite cosy in there with the fireplace roaring.  Perhaps a few more couches would add some comfort, but there is still a lovely atmosphere.  Not too large a crowd, the price includes the movie, a bag of popcorn and a glass of your choice of Blaauwklippen wine – We opted for the Shiraz to warm us up a bit.
One of the ladies from the market was there too, serving a range of Indian rotis, samoosas and other snacks for those who were feeling a little peckish.

Blaauklippen Movie - Popcorn & WineThe movie this time was Sideways – famous for decreasing Merlot sales in America the year of its release, due to the main character’s utter dislike of the varietal, declaring “if someone orders Merlot, I’m leaving!”.  The movie is set in the well-known Sonoma Wine Valley in California and tells the story of two friends spending a week up there wine tasting (and of course all the baggage that they take along with them).

Keep an eye out for the next movie night, it’s something different and quite fun for a relaxed Friday night.  Also, remember Blaauwklippen has an awesome family market every Sunday, as well as other events which you will find listed on their website.

P.S.  Don’t you just love the labels on the magnum bottles?  I’m a big fan of Frans Groenewald’s illustrations, the are so clever and quirky.  There are a few of his calendars and cards available for purchase in the wine centre too.

Apologies for the not so great photos – the camera phone struggles a little with low lighting (obviously).

R44 Stellenbosch – on your way towards Somerset West
Tel: +27 21 880 0133

Tel: +27 (0)21 880 0133

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