Birthday celebrations and a weekend in Durbs

Don’t you just love birthdays?  Besides Christmas, I would say it is my favourite day of the year!!  You can eat as much cake as you like and get so much love, you can’t help but smile ALL day long!Birthday CupcakesThis one was a milestone birthday – the big 30!  Eish!  But everyone keeps saying this is when life begins ;).
We were actually in Durban for the weekend as the husband and his brother ran the Comrades (89.2km).  Both did really well, coming in under 11 hours and still managing to walk around afterwards with a celebratory beer.

Because most of my family live up in Durbs we had a little birthday and Comrades bash at my aunt’s house with some delicious wine and snacks.  While the boys lay horizontal most of the day with their legs resting, us girls got to work in the kitchen.  Rare roast beef, fluffy mustard and Portuguese rolls were on the menu along with a bunch of canapes.  Blinis and sweetcorn fritters topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese.  Bruschettas topped with my aunt’s homemade basil pesto, marinated mozzarella and marinated olives.  And Thai chicken balls with sweet chilli sauce.  There was no food left at the end and the brownies were just about inhaled as they got passed around for dessert.

We stopped in at Ultra Liquors to stock the bar for the evening and could not believe the wide selection of wine they have, very impressive and most of the prices were actually cheaper than the wine farms.  So remember that in future if you’re looking for good wine.  Of course the novelty always lies in actually visiting the farms and purchasing the best one you taste on the day.

On our list was a bottle of Laborie Brut for the birthday celebrations and Pierre Jourdan Cuvee Brut for the Comrades finishers.  Both quite delicious.  The Laborie a darker pink colour, a bit sweeter but still a lovely dry finish.  The Pierre Jourdan from Haute Cabriere is a Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut with a fresh crisp flavour and perfect bubbles.
White wines were the Pierre Jourdan Tranquille which is actually the same blend of Chardonnay Pinot Noir as tBirthday Wineshe Cuvee Brut, just bottled before the MCC process begins to make the Brut.  So, a delicious wine and always a favourite.  A bottle of Domaine Grier Rose which my aunt had saved in her fridge – such a treat!  If you taste this wine you will understand why the French always seem to have a glass of pink with lunch.  The Grier family are the owners of Villiera wine farm in Stellenbosch and also own a 22 hectare vineyard in France.  The farm is in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, close to Perpignan where we just visited and an area well-known for its delicious Roses.  Thankfully their French, Domaine Grier, wines are also available for tasting and purchase at Villiera.
For the red wine drinkers, a bottle of Warwick First Lady, a fantastic Cab Sav blended with 3% Petit Verdot, full of rich, smooth and earthy flavours.  And a Four Paws Pablo which is a red blend of the selected best in the cellar, a lovely balanced and dark red wine.

What a lovely weekend in Durban, as always, with friends and family.  Some milestones crossed, others conquered and a great time had by all.

Hope you’re having a good week!

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